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PK celebrates Valentine's Day each year with the King and Queen of Hearts. PK students wear fancy royal outfits for the occasion and dress like kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights, ballerinas and fairies.
Students brought more than 700 canisters of oats to school to donate to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. This one-day drive coincided with the annual fifth grade vs. faculty basketball game. Students who brought the most oats got front row seats at the game.
In the play Arf!, second graders portrayed a variety of dogs trying to demonstrate their talents in the dog show. Grades K-5 present plays every year, and all students have a part.
Students learn about the life of Dr. King through several activities throughout the day. They drew pictures or wrote about what dreams they have, and older students wrote sentences using the words of Dr. King such as peace, equality and freedom.
Mr. Elijah Cameron, director of community relations at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center, talked to students about the first time he saw Dr. King and about walking in civil rights marches. He encouraged students to "be the light."
Fifth graders are planning a trip to Mars sometime in the future. They built replicas of rovers, buildings and the planet landscape where they would create a settlement.
In Math Academy, fifth graders create a hypothetical socially-conscious business. The business has a certain amount of money to buy or rent a location, equipment and supplies, and the business plan includes ways the business gives back to an organization or need.

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