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What Kinds of Sports Are Offered?

More than one third of our students typically participate in one or more of these activities.  This is a great way to get some exercise and get to know other students and their families!

Students who are not picked up immediately after sports practice will be taken to Bright Afternoons by the coaches. Parents may pick up these students at the Early Childhood Center front desk.


Cross Country for boys and girls in grades 3-5


Basketball for boys and girls of all ages

Registration deadline is November 13. See below for registration forms by grade levels.

ISC: Fifth grade boys and fourth and fifth grade girls play in the Independent School Conference. Please fill out the ISC registration form. Cost is $115.

CABC: Second and third grade boys and girls and fourth grade boys play in the Chattanooga Area Basketball Club. Please fill out the CABC registration form. Cost is $85.

YMCA: Kindergarten and first grade boys and girls play in the YMCA league. Please fill out the YMCA registration form. Cost is $90 for non-YMCA members and $65 for members.

All forms are due to Bright School.


Volleyball for girls in grades 3-5

Lacrosse for boys and girls in grades 3-5

Track for boys and girls in grades 3-5

Soccer Training for boys and girls in grades 1-5

(see below for registration forms)

Questions about Athletics? Contact Me.

Stacie Helton

After School Sports Coordinator

Joined Bright staff in 2007
B.S., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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