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The week after a play is very busy for third graders working at The Bright Post. That’s because all the students in the school write congratulatory letters to the students in the grade that just performed.
Students and families donated rice for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank in conjunction with the Fifth Grade vs. Faculty Basketball Game. A total of 3,280.5 pounds was collected in one day.
Throughout the day, students completed their 50th anniversary projects, which they presented to the rest of the school in an afternoon assembly. First grade collected 50 gently-used books to donate, and third grade wrote 50 letters to elderly people in nursing homes, for example.
Join us for a special admissions event, Time with Teachers, on Sunday, January 28. This is a great time for parents to meet teachers outside the regular school day and ask questions while children participate in a fun activity.
We wish you a happy 2018! School resumes on Thursday, January 4. Click below for a message from Head of School O.J. Morgan that reminds us to enjoy these wonderful years of childhood.
Fletcher Bright ’43, a lifelong advocate of the school his aunt founded more than 100 years ago, died on Christmas day. Our school has lost a dear friend. We extend our condolences to his family.

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