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First graders write stories throughout the year and then share their books with their parents at the annual Authors Tea. The handmade books show how the students have developed as writers over the year.
Third graders finished their study of American colonial life with the annual Colonial Day celebration. Students and teachers wore period costumes, and the students learned how to do several crafts colonists would have used in their everyday lives.
Students in grades 1-3 got to shop El Mercado during Spanish class to cash in the points they have received for learning and participating in class all year. With their pesos, students bought prizes by asking how much is it in Spanish?
Carrying on a Bright School tradition, fifth graders launched their rockets on a beautiful morning with little wind. Launching rockets has been a part of the fifth grade science curriculum for 16 years.
Join our 3-year, $3 million campaign to renovate original classrooms, the gym, library and more. These improvements will help our teachers bring innovation into their classrooms and make our school more energy efficient.
Third graders in Math Academy created toys using materials provided in the classroom and presented them to the Bright School Shark Tank. Materials included items such as small motors, magnets, pipe cleaners and plastic wheels.
We celebrated the different countries represented by our school's families at Bright World Night, organized by the Parents' Association. There were 17 countries and Hawaii at the event.
Bright is helping BRITE in Haiti feed its students over the summer. During Bright World Week, we raised money through a walk-a-thon to help the school provide food during the summer.

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