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What's for lunch?

June 18-22

Monday: Cheese Pizza (Fruit/Cutie)
Tuesday: Chef Salad (Crackers/Fruit)
Wednesday: Plain Pasta /Tortellini (Celery/Mandarin Oranges)
Thursday: Baked Mac n Cheese (Veggie Sticks/Mixed Fruit)
Friday: Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets (Yogurt/Banana) 

June 25-29

Monday: Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets (Yogurt/Banana)   
Tuesday: Turkey and Cheese Lunch Biscuit (Sweet Potato Fries/Melon Medley)
Wednesday: Chicken with Kale Caesar on the side (Yogurt/Fruit Skewer)
Thursday: Build Your Own "Lunchable" style with Hummus (Pita Bread/Veggies/Cutie)
Friday: Cheese Pizza (Salad/Cutie)

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