Best Wishes in Retirement, Denise Cooper!

When I became head of Bright School 14 years ago, the first and one of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Denise Cooper as the school's assistant head. Over time, she migrated back into the classroom where she has enriched the lives of all of us, students and adults, for many years. Her love of children, her wisdom, her immense experience, and the deep respect she has garnered from everyone over the years has been evident every day of her time with us. She is what makes Bright School such a magnificent and loving place to educate children.

Denise has made the very difficult decision to retire after this year. Last week, she was with her daughter, welcoming her newest grandchild into the world. We will all miss her when this year is complete. I know you will all join me in wishing her well.

Bright Fit 

Thank you to everyone who attended Bright Fit Night on Friday. It was a great turnout!

Thank you to the PA chairs of Bright Fit Anne Bradshaw, Lauren Boehm and Jennie Kueter and P.E. coaches Jeff McDaniel and Jan Connell for planning the entire week of activities. Thank you to Kim Brown, Sabrina McAllister, Mary Westerwal, Mary Catherine Robbins, Deena Alani, Noelle Coleman, and UTC volleyball and golf teams. We really appreciate all the parents who attended P.E. during the week and everyone who stayed Friday evening to help put away all the equipment.

Prize Winners

Congratulations to the students who won the prizes. Names were drawn this morning:
Bike desk: Wyatt McDaniel, fourth grade
Skate party: Samantha Pashley, kindergarten
Fold-up Bikes: Brodie Beard, first grade, and Cohen McDaniel, second grade
Baseball package: Pink Brouillard, fourth grade
Basketball package: Maggie Tansor, fifth grade
Avocado squishable: Margaret Daniel, second grade
Third grade won the free dress day and popsicle party for having the most tickets turned in during Bright Fit Night.

Girl Scouts Water Challenge

If you participated in the water challenge during Bright Fit, please bring in your donations by Wednesday. The money the Girl Scouts are raising will help provide new water filling stations at school. By keeping track of the money your family saves each time you swap a beverage (coffee, juice, soda, etc.) for tap water, you can donate that amount to the school for this project. Checks may be made payable to The Bright School, and donations without doing the water challenge will be accepted.

School Security

As one of the measures we are taking to enhance school security, we are now asking everyone to identify themselves at the front door. When you buzz in, please state your name and stand so the camera can see you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents may purchase an electronic fob that will unlock the doors during school hours so you do not have to be buzzed in. If you would like to purchase one, please see Ms. Janie at the front desk. Fobs are $9 each.

Track Meet Cancelled Today

Today's track meet has been cancelled, which means Bright Afternoons pick up will take place in the Early Childhood Center building as usual. There will be a track meet next Monday, April 30.

Second Grade Parent Meeting on Thursday

Second grade parents will receive their child's results from the Stanford Achievement Test and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test on Tuesday. Please check your child's backpack for this information. Assistant Head of School Christy Lusk is holding a special meeting for parents who would like to learn more about the results on Thursday at 9 a.m. in the library.

Spring Gardening Day Rescheduled to Wednesday

Spring Gardening Day in the Early Childhood gardens will take place this Wednesday from 5-6:30. It was rescheduled due to rain. Contact Mr. Greene at [email protected] for more information.

Planning Ahead: Bright School Picnic

You will want to make plans now to attend the annual picnic with your child on Friday, May 18. There is no school that day. The picnic is held at the Peeples' farm in Ringgold, Georgia. More details will be coming soon!