Science and Spanish are combining on a project with second graders about the Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico.

Second graders have been learning in science with Mrs. Nestler about the butterfly lifecycle and body parts. They watched the butterflies grow and released them. The Bright School science garden with milkweed plants is a way station of sorts for butterflies migrating north or south, depending on the time of year. In Spanish class with Sra. Avendano, the students are learning about the region in Mexico where the butterflies go in the winter.

As part of the Monarch Butterfly Symbolic Migration, students sent an ambassador butterfly representing their class, and each student colored a small butterfly. Those were mailed to Georgia, and all the ambassador butterflies collected from the U.S. will then be sent to Mexico and delivered to schools there. The children in Mexico will take care of the butterflies through the winter and send them back in the spring. For more information about the project, visit