Bright World Week is held every other year and celebrates the variety of cultures and nationalities represented by our students' families. There are activities held throughout the week to help students appreciate different cultures, histories and backgrounds.

In P.E. on Monday, young students played a game called Catch Your Tail that hails from Nigeria. Students are paired with one in the front and one in the back. They must hold onto each other during the game. The one in the back has a "tail," and other pairs are trying to catch it and take it. Pairs are out when their tail is taken. The last pair left wins. Older students played the Fielding Game from Australia. It is like a relay race. They are grouped in teams, and each player must roll the ball past the cone in front and chase after it. When the ball crosses the line or goes past the cone, they pick up the ball and run back to the start. The team that finishes first wins.

Monday's lunch for the day included Middle Eastern fare with pizza made from naan bread, couscous and Syrian salad.

The week culminates in Bright World Night in the gym, where students and their families sample food and learn about different countries.

Students accumulate tickets throughout the week at school and at home by doing various activities, and the tickets are put into drawings for everal global-related prizes.