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Physical Education


Coach Jan Connell has been teaching P.E. at Bright School since 1986. 


Coach Jeff McDaniel has been teaching P.E. at Bright School since 2015. His sons, Braden and Cohen, are current students. He also coaches cross country and track.

The Bright School Physical Education program directs students toward a lifetime of physical fitness by creating an environment of age-appropriate child play that is motivating and fun. The Physical Education and Health curriculum is designed to communicate health and fitness knowledge, teach locomotor and non-locomotor physical skills, introduce sports skills, and create a positive attitude about life-long fitness.  Appropriate health and physical activities are carefully designed for all ages allowing your child to build upon skills learned each year. From scooter races to obstacles courses, each week in PE brings enthusiasm to our students about being healthy and staying fit for life.  Coach Connell and Coach McDaniel instill the idea of engaging an active lifestyle. Get out and be active with your child today!


• Explores letter sounds through movement and action
• Recognizes spatial awareness
• Develops transitioning skills
• Enjoys play activities


• Uses locomotor skills (hopping, skipping, and jumping)
• Recognizes good hygiene practices
• Initiates simple organized games
• Increases safety awareness

First Grade

• Participates in lead-up gymnastics
• Investigates food choice selection
• Experiments with a large assortment of athletic equipment
• Engages in active games and play
• Develops dance and rhythmical movements

Second Grade

• Initiates cooperative games and sport play
• Participates in strength, balance, and endurance activities
• Increases awareness about drug prevention and sun protection
• Identifies fair play and sportsmanship
• Begins learning team play and sportsmanship

Third Grade

• Participates in sport specific activities
• Uses manipulative skills (throw, catch)
• Investigates manipulative and non-locomotor skills (stretch, curl, twist)
• Explores gymnastics equipment and tumbling
• Relates basic wellness concepts to lifestyle

Fourth Grade

• Participates in sport specific activities
• Participates in higher-level tumbling and apparatus development
• Explores the unique skills of free-running
• Handles competition with a positive attitude
• Investigates healthy choice decisions for wellness

Fifth Grade

• Understands fitness-level participation
• Refines manipulative and non-locomotor skills
• Refines higher-level tumbling and gymnastics skills
• Acquires development in health-related components of fitness (muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility)
• Understands the platform for individual and team sports
• Applies nutritional knowledge and positive lifestyle choices regarding wellness