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Stephanie Bowling

Mrs. Bowling has been teaching music at Bright School since 2015. 

Offering a child-centered, hands-on approach, musical instruction at Bright School allows students to develop a listening repertoire of music from major composers. Our program continues to honor the musical traditions of Bright School while introducing contemporary music. Students develop an appreciation for our country’s heritage through folk songs and an annual patriotic music program. Handbells are an integral part of the upper grades’ music program, allowing those students who are interested to have the opportunity to perform in our handbell choir. Within the walls of the music room, students have opportunities to play instruments, learn rhythmic beats, sing, and enjoy listening to music.


• Begins to recognize the beats in music measures
• Learns songs that integrate classroom units of study
• Practices and performs music in English and Spanish


• Uses percussion instruments to practice musical beat and rhythm
• Learns songs integrating classroom units of study
• Sings Spanish songs to support foreign language learning

First Grade

• Recognizes rhythmic patterns
• Learns children’s songs and games from Africa
• Uses a listening map for visualizing a musical form
• Introduction to American musical theatre through The Sound of Music

Second Grade

• Learns folk songs from the United States and countries around the world integrating a classroom unit of study
• Uses Orff instruments to accompany songs
• Explores American musical theatre through The Music Man

Third Grade

• Applies understanding of music by reading and writing rhythmic patterns
• Reads simple melodies with choir chimes and precorders
• Learns songs integrating classroom units of study
• Enhances listening skills through music computer games such as Vivaldi, Music Ace, and Beethoven Lives Upstairs
• Reviews and examines American musical theater through Oliver

Fourth Grade

• Develops skills and performs with the soprano recorder
• Learns folk songs from different regions of the United States
• Studies the Virginia Reel and square dance
• Explores songs from the American musical Oklahoma!

Fifth Grade

• Develops skills and performs with the alto recorder
• Practices autoharps accompanying simple folk songs and songs from the Civil War era
• Plays choir chimes and is introduced to the grand staff
• Develops ability to read bass and treble clef notes
• Explores songs from the American musical West Side Story