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Thankful Davis

Mrs. Davis has been teaching art at Bright School since 2014. She recently earned her master's in education from Middle Tennessee State University.

Fine Art is an integral part of the Bright School learning experience. A fully-equipped art studio combined with gallery space to display student work provides the ideal setting for young, aspiring artists. Our program consists of three broad components: art history, media/material exploration, and technique/process instruction. Art history exposes students to different styles of art and introduces artists who demonstrate these styles. Media and material exploration allows students to identify, appreciate, and use the tools necessary to create self-expressive art. Technique and process instruction further develops our students’ understanding of creating art that demonstrates individuality and style. Sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography are woven into grade level projects and are built upon each year. Through this cohesive approach, students develop a solid arts foundation which will continue to grow beyond Bright School.


• Experiments with a variety of tools and mediums
• Understands the difference between two and three dimensional works of art
• Learns respect and care for art equipment and the art studio
• Becomes familiar with basic color theory


• Understands art can be used for functional and aesthetic purposes
• Creates a ceramic piece that is useful and beautiful
• Explores the different styles that artists use around the world
• Demonstrates a working knowledge of basic color theory

First Grade

• Uses personal experience to create works of art
• Recognizes elements of art and principles of design in the work of other artists
• Utilizes sculpture as a vehicle for individual expression
• Demonstrates a firm understanding of color theory while producing personal works of art

Second Grade

• Identifies the origin of art created around the world
• Explores how form and function are intertwined in a ceramic sculpture series
• Produces works of art to demonstrate a firm grasp of the elements of art and principles of design
• Demonstrates an understanding of color theory

Third Grade

• Identifies five Master Artists and their influence on the art world
• Describes the relationships that colors have with one another
• Utilizes two and three dimensional mediums to create self-reflective artwork
• Applies a variety of art production techniques to artwork

Fourth Grade

• Compares three major artists and their work
• Demonstrates an understanding of basic drawing techniques
• Identifies artistic styles of famous artists
• Applies the principles of design and elements of art to artwork

Fifth Grade

• Creates two and three dimensional works to show an understanding of portraiture, drawing, and form
• Evaluates personal artworks for progress and growth
• Utilizes the principles of design and elements of art to reflect on personal interests and community
• Participates in oral and written reflection, both individually and collaboratively, to critique artwork