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Second Grade

Asking questions, reading to find the answers, and discussing how and why are what second graders do best! The joy of learning comes to life as second graders continue to grow as readers, writers, and thinkers. As energetic readers, they practice strategies to help them make sense of what they read. Building on their initial writing experiences, these imaginative writers continue to improve their spelling strategies and sentence structure. Their foundation for number sense and operations enables them to solve multi-digit problems and tackle word problems. Through friendships, small groups, and partnering with others, second graders learn to listen to others’ ideas, share their own thoughts, and work together towards a common goal.


Mrs. Hurlbut, Miss Taylor and Mrs. Smith


• Reads and understands a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts
• Acquires knowledge of phonics and new reading strategies to better understand texts
• Enjoyment of books deepens as decoding and comprehension skills expand
• Increases vocabulary through a range of texts and genres
• Practices and strengthens reading with fluency and expression


• Writes daily for a variety of purposes
• Begins to use the writing process to write, publish, and share stories
• Uses writing to express ideas and thoughts on paper
• Begins to transfer and apply phonetic knowledge in daily writing
• Practices grammar concepts and begins to apply those within writing 



• Strengthens understanding of number sense and place value; identifies, counts, and uses numbers up to 1,000
• Demonstrates fluency and accuracy in basic addition and subtraction facts
• Begins to understand addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers with and without regrouping
• Utilizes concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations to understand problems
• Begins to use the bar modeling process to solve word problems
• Practices collecting, displaying, and interpreting data
• Demonstrates a strong understanding of time and money

Social Studies

• Explores landforms and increases map skills, including use of a map key and compass rose
• Investigates Australia and the Coral Reef through reading and writing opportunities
• Begins to use the research process to examine specific topics within a unit of study