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First Grade

A year of curiosity, excitement, and tremendous academic growth awaits first graders at Bright School. Young scholars unlock the written word with an innate desire to read and develop a passion for writing and illustrating. Working together, we build a classroom community and enjoy new-found independence to complete challenging tasks during our reading and writing workshops. Expanding on the foundations of number sense, first graders begin to apply operational tasks and problem solving skills in math. Social studies topics become the vehicles for practicing reading, writing, and making connections. Through collaboration and sharing of ideas, students learn to be contributing members of small groups and productive partners.


Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Sharpe and Mrs. Levine


• Discovers the magic of the printed word
• Explores a print-rich environment through picture books, poetry, short stories, reader’s theatre, and read-alouds
• Examines texts when reading aloud and independently for the purpose of gaining understanding
• Builds reading fluency through recognition of high-frequency words and development of decoding skills
• Develops a strong vocabulary through rich text experiences
• Learns to read for understanding


• Assumes the identity of a writer and an illustrator
• Uses drawings as a placeholder for ideas and begins to match text with illustrations
• Studies picture books and illustrations to understand tone, mood, and voice
• Practices spelling and grammar through daily writing experiences



• Practices with numbers to develop number sense and understand number relationships; knows, counts, and uses numbers to 100
• Understands addition and subtraction as the manipulation of parts and wholes; begins to gain fluency in basic math facts
• Builds skills in solving word problems
• Explores problems in concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations
• Learns to gather, organize, and display data
• Develops basic concepts of time and money

Social Studies

• Utilizes map skills and understands geography
• Investigates Africa, Antarctica, and space through reading and writing opportunities
• Explores cultural and scientific elements of our world