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A year of endless imagination, our pre-kindergarten students join their friends with vibrant smiles, eager and curious to learn. A safe, nurturing environment promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of every student. Experiences involving social skills, dramatic play, communication, and problem-solving form the basis of our program. Our pre-kindergarten program provides learning opportunities that are developmentally appropriate and designed to respond to each individual child's needs. Rich children’s literature is used a vehicle for learning about our world, while literacy and math centers begin to form the foundation for early learning. A few of our pre-kindergarten traditions include a Thanksgiving feast, gingerbread man hunt, king and queen of hearts day, and the great leprechaun hunt!  Every week in pre-kindergarten brings new opportunities for each child to learn and grow.


Miss Emily and Mrs. Kathi, in the middle, with assistants Mrs. Kali and Miss Morgan

Discovery and Play

• Discovers and plays alongside others
• Engages in pretend play that facilitates cooperation
• Increases curiosity through exploration and investigation
• Actively participates in activities that foster movement, sensory, and tactile growth

Social and Emotional Growth

• Identifies, communicates, and expresses feelings appropriately
• Gains self-awareness and respect for others through sharing and cooperation
• Learns to recognize the roles of self and others in the classroom community


Language Arts

• Explores language and the world through rich children’s literature
• Develops an appreciation of books, their words, and their illustrations
• Explores the rhythm and rhyme of language
• Participates in making sense of characters, settings, and story connections
• Builds a phonetic foundation through exploring and experimenting with sounds and letters
• Strengthens fine-motor skills and practices correct letter formation


• Develops one-to-one correspondence for counting and other math concepts
• Builds number sense through sorting, categorizing, and classifying
• Recognizes geometric shapes and patterns
• Compares numbers and uses graphs for visual representations
• Develops spatial awareness