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Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

Q: What grades does Bright School offer?
A: Junior Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 5. 

Q: What is the age cut-off?
A: Junior Pre-K: 3 years old by August 1.  Pre-K: 4 years old by August 1.  Kindergarten: 5 years old by August 1.

Q: What are the tuition costs per year? 
A: for 2017-2018 school year:
$5,200-7,500 for Junior Pre-K
$10,450 for Pre-K
$15,160 for Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Q: Are there payment plan options for paying tuition?
A: Yes. Click here to find out more.

Q: What is the average class size?
A: 14

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio?
A: 7:1

Q: Does Bright have Extended Care after school hours?
A: Yes. Our extended care is available to all students daily until 6 p.m. Click here for more extended care information.

Q: Does Bright have summer camp?
A: Yes! Click here to learn more!

Q: Do all students wear uniforms?
A: Pre-K through fifth wear uniforms. Junior Pre-K does not wear uniforms.

Q: Does Bright have Financial Assistance for tuition?
A: Yes for grades Pre-K through fifth. Click here to learn more.

Q: Do all students eat in the cafeteria or can I pack a lunch for my child?
A: All students (Pre-K through fifth grade) eat in the cafeteria. Junior Pre-K students bring lunch daily and eat in their classrooms.

Q: Does Bright offer after school sports or other activities?
A: Yes, lots! Click here for more information.

Q: What curriculum is used at Bright?
A: Click here to read about our curriculum.

Q: Do you have a sibling tuition discount?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: Does Bright have a waiting list?
A: Waiting lists are created only for the current school year.  We do not begin a waiting list for one or more years in advance, but we would love to add your family to our communication database.

Q: Are there ways for parents to volunteer and become involved at Bright?
A: Yes! Parents are given numerous opportunities to volunteer. A few examples include: being a Tuesday Helper in Pre-K, helping organize the class play, volunteering at our annual fall Bonanza, planning class celebrations, and more. 

Q: How often do students have P.E.?
A: Pre-K students have P.E. twice during our six day rotation. K-5 students have P.E. daily! Bright is in the 3.8% of schools in the U.S. that have P.E. daily.

Q: What are special area classes at Bright?
A: All students go to our special area classes on our six day rotation schedule. These classes include: Music, Art, Wood Shop, Technology, Library, Spanish and Science. Junior Pre-K has a sampling of our special area classes.