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The Bright School will cultivate and advance a culture that supports and develops students and faculty in accordance with its mission.

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Identify, recruit and retain best qualified students
  • Recruit, retain and reward best qualified faculty
  • Align governance structure and processes

Task and Current Status

Faculty: Ensure compensation packages remain competitive with other elementary SAIS schools
Status: Future Task

Faculty: Develop initiatives to increase diversity
Status: Future Task

Faculty: Revise faculty evaluation
Status: Future Task

Faculty: Establish Innovation Grant Fund (establish $100,000 fund/6% growth)
Status: Future Task

Students: Define optimal size
Status: Completed 

Students: Create Building Relationships marketing campaign
Status: In Progress

Students: Expand financial aid
Status: Future Task

Students: Create admissions committee
Status: In Progress

Students: Provide professional development funds for admissions/marketing
Status: Completed

Governance: Review committee structure to align with strategic plan
Status: Completed

Governance: Create board development committee
Status: Completed